Portrait Commissions…a little bit of information

Pet Portraits

***Please note – My order book is now full until the end of October 2017***

I aim to create a realistic impression of people’s much loved pets using photos as my reference. What I think sets me apart from a lot of portrait artists is both my absolute love of all animals & also the desire to make a connection with my model & my client as I work.

When I create a portrait of an animal, whether it be a beloved family pet or a wild animal living a natural life or even a creature such as a bear that has been tortured by mankind & is now living it’s happy ever after in a rescue sanctuary, I always seek to depict the true character of each & every individual.

For a pet portrait commission I am sometimes lucky enough to meet the model, spending time with them to learn about their nature & watching the bond with their owner. The hardest but sometimes most rewarding commissions are those where the pets are no longer with us. Although sometimes truly draining emotionally, being able to create an image full of love & happy memories as well as capturing a likeness of a much loved member of the family is one of the most intense gifts that I have to offer.

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul & if you look through my gallery of works you will see how I endeavour to portray the character aswell as the likeness of all of my subjects.

Please note that the quality of the final portrait is a direct reflection of the reference images provided although under some circumstances, when only old hard copy photos are available, I will work hard with the client to recreate their cherished memories of their beloved pet.

Do take a moment to browse through my galleries & also read through the small selection of testimonials that I have published on here. As ever, if you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.