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Part of my work is devoted to supporting my favourite charities. I am honoured to have recently been invited to become an Artist Partner with the Snow Leopard Trust. I also work with Love Underdogs & have several pieces of work planned for the coming year. You too could become involved in one of my future charity auctions...

Welcome to my art page...


A passion for beautiful artwork & a huge love of animals come together in this site where I aim to create realistic works of art from photographs or real life studies. 


Graduating in design back in the early nineties it has taken me nearly 20 years to rekindle my creative by picking up a pencil again & putting it to paper...Nowadays there is no stopping me! I have recently won 2 international competitions & have had my work published in Colored Pencil Magazine.

I mainly work on pet portrait commissions but when I get time I love to work on creating wildlife artwork. 

Commission work can be carried out in various mediums & sizes to suit the clients requirements. I always work with a client, finding out about the subject, advising on the best medium to represent the most lifelike representation. Above all, I aim to capture their true character.

Mediums include;





  • Graphite





  • Colored Pencil





  • Pastel





  • Watercolor Pencil


To view more of my work & to see what is currently on the easel please visit the gallery page.
For more information please see the contact page on how best to speak to me

Thank you for visiting my site...

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